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Our latest project is for:
Males and Females aged 18-65 years

It will involve:
This is a multi-stage project!
All participants will be required to complete the homework task, and selected participants will go on to be selected for the online focus groups!

Homework task:
All respondents will be required to complete a homework task (approx time commitment of 1 hour + store visit)

Online Focus group (selected participants):
A follow up 2 hour focus group run online through the Zoom platform

Open to residents of Sydney & Melbourne

Dates of research:
Homework task - Wednesday 25th March - Tuesday 31st March
Online focus groups - Wednesday 1st April - Thursday 2nd April

Homework task - $80 via eGiftpay within 5 business days of project end date
Online focus group - $100 via eGiftpay within 5 business days of project end date

If you are selected for the online focus group as well as the homework task you will receive $180 via eGiftpay

As with all market research, this group/interview may be audio &/or video recorded for the purposes of this project only.

Please do not use the back button on your browser when completing this questionnaire.

1. Please indicate your interest for the session times below: *This question is required.Please select all available as you may not qualify for all sessions.
  • Homework task (All participants)
  • Online Focus Group (Selected participants)
  • Not Available