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People renting in a share home

A 2.5-hour in-home interview for you and a housemate (or a friend who lives in a different share house) plus 30 min pretask
That's right, you get to invite a housemate/friend and they also get paid

You will need:
One of the following: A Smartphone

In your home (residents of Sydney and Melbourne)

Pre-task: Friday 22nd July- Wednesday 27th July
In-home Interview: Thursday 28th July - Wednesday 10th August (times available 9am-7pm AEST)

You: $210 EFT paid within 5 business days of project conclusion.
Your Friend/Roomate: $210 EFT paid within 5 business days of project conclusion.
Bank details will only be collected from those who are selected to participate. You will not be requested to enter bank details throughout this screening survey

Participation in this survey is completely voluntary.
The responses you provide in this screening survey are confidential and will be used as market research data for this project only.
Please do not use the back button on your browser when completing this survey.

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If successful, an exact interview time will be arranged over the phone